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Technical Specifications

Available in 1, 2 and 3 groups:

- Automatic water supply (A.E.A.)

- Two steam valves, valve for hot water

- Hydraulic thermosiphonic CTS

- Single scale manometer to indicate the pressure pump

- Built-in motor pump

Standard colors: white, white / stainless, black or black / stainless.

Additionally, this model can be installed following 'Optional'

- Electric heating cups

- Kit for cappuccino

- Steam for frothing milk tube "Montalatte"

Innovation is the new capacitive keyboards and new functions of the display.

Parameters visualized permanently on display:

- Pressure and temperature of the boiler

- Date, time and day of the week

- Alarm and credit softener regeneration doses

- Warning some dysfunction (boiler temperature probe, temperature probe heating system cups, incorrect connection to the grid).

Display allows access to menus differentiated according to the person who uses it: barista / user or authorized personnel.

Through the display the user can view and change the following functions:

- Date / time

- The time the machine will turn on / off the automatic mode

- View softener regeneration alarm (or water filter cartridge replacement)

- View number of coffee spout

- View number of tea products

- View alarm volumetric doses

- Change the operating language (Romanian, English or Italian)

Authorized personnel will have access to the full menu, thus empowered to set and modify all parameters:

- Setting time and date

- Programming schedule on / off in the automatic espresso machine

- Softener regeneration alarm. This alarm was set to protect the device from limestone.

- Automatic programming of coffee dosage through display

- Scheduling a limited number of coffee preparation.

At their consumption, erogarea coffee is disabled.

- Scheduling activation / deactivation of certain functions of the display (date / time, heating the cups, lending doses fluxing factor correction, programming working days)

- Ability to reset and change your password.

In addition, this espresso machine also has the following functions:

- Automatic wash cycle (without count coffees prepared)

- Automatic fluxing group. This operation consists of removing a quantity of water for about two seconds, thus cleaning the filter and gasket group and providing fresh water use erogarea coffee.